Yes, we are an event production company with an obsessive fixation on the tiniest of details. Hence, one of our core values: “There’s no-such thing as Good-Enough“. We love dreaming up exciting new events, while stressing over the placement of every last cone, but we are so much more than logistics-minded race directors.

In our hearts we are marketers and we pride ourselves on delivering big value for our sponsors. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more marketing-orientated event production company in the Midwest. As a result of this passion for marketing, we are uniquely positioned to provide exceptional sponsor value through the four-pillars of our sponsor philosophy.

1. Build Long-Term Relationships

The word partnership has been ruined in many industries, including the event world. As a result, it rarely carries much weight in the business world anymore, yet we haven’t found a word to replace it. Still, anyone in any industry can say their clients are their “partners.” But what does that really mean?

For us, it means we are more concerned with building a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship than providing short-term unilateral gains. We have sponsors that have been with us since day one. We want every sponsorship to develop into these long-term fruitful relationships.

2. Under Promise and Over Deliver

It’s simple, yet profoundly important to the first pillar of building long-term relationships. We strive to under promise and over deliver on our sponsor experience. Anyone can hype up a product and make a hard sell, but if they can’t fulfill the promises made on the back-end, you aren’t able to build a relationship with that person or company.

Our team is relentless in our pursuit to over deliver on the promises we make to our sponsors, whether you are a first-time vendor at an expo or a 10-year presenting level sponsor; we look for every opportunity to tastefully promote your marketing messages to our captive audience. Which brings me to our next pillar….

3. Provide Unmatched Sponsorship Value

As consumers become ever more sensitive to traditional marketing channels, companies don’t sponsor an event to have their logo placed on an obscure banner in the corner. They sponsor because they want to align their brand with an event that means something to their target demographic. Consequently, allowing them to reach a captive audience who might otherwise ignore their marketing efforts in traditional marketing channels.

Providing Unmatched Sponsorship Value isn’t about logo placements or even delivering a captive and receptive audience. Rather, it’s about meeting a sponsor where they are and creating a customized, experiential marketing campaign that fits their needs, wants, and budget. And then over-delivering on every detail of that campaign.

4. Validate with Data-Supported Results

No purchase or investment should come without some type of affirmation that you made the right decision. Whether it is a piece of equipment that leads to increased productivity or your 401-K where you receive regular investment reports.

We believe the same should be true of your investment in a sponsorship and without validation through data-supported results, you won’t see the value we have delivered and we aren’t likely to build a long-term fruitful relationship.

For more information, email our Sponsorship Director, Linda Brown, at She would love to learn about your company, your marketing goals, and walk you through our sponsor process.