This is a guest post written by OrthoNebraska. You can learn more about OrthoNebraska and their Optimum Stride program here. 

Congrats on your entry! We look forward to helping you prepare for Leprechaun Chase 2019.
Please be mindful of these tips as your training in colder weather begins!

Cold Weather Running Tips

  • Avoid running on the roads in snowy conditions. Drivers have a decreased ability to maneuver and stop.
  • Winter means fewer daylight hours. Wear bright-colored, reflective clothing or a reflective vest so you are noticeable to area traffic. For added visibility, wear a lightweight headlamp or flashing light.
  • Wear layers of clothing that will help you maintain your core body temperature during the run but will keep you warm during warm-up and cool-down phases.
  • Consider wearing traction devices on your shoes if sidewalks, trails or roads have snow or ice cover.
  • If you drive to a running trail or route, leave a change of dry cloths and a blanket in the car for emergency situations.
  • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and the weather conditions. Oncoming storms can quickly drop the temperature putting you at risk for frostbite or hypothermia if you are caught wearing the wrong clothes.
  • Do not ignore shivering. It is an important first sign that the body is losing heat, and you may be in danger of hypothermia.

Remember to check back on the blog periodically for more tips and information! Feel free to contact any of the Optimum Stride therapists with any further questions at Best of luck with your training!