The 2016 Good Life Halfsy hosted a speaker series Nov. 5 to at the Excel Chiropractic Run Expo. Our keynote was Jamie Carson, founder of Envirorun and CEO of Carson+Co Global, a social enterprise business.  


Carson is passionate about running and the environment. And bringing these passions together just clicked for her – not coincidentally – while on a run.

Soon after, she launched Envirorun to offer a group run and speaker series event for the environmental community. The organization’s tagline is Building a greener world one stride at a time, and that’s exactly what they are doing.

While living and working in DC, Carson was exposed to a deep challenge facing the environmental community: bringing together sometimes competing interests was hard. But once she got them together for a run, connections started happening. Navy Generals were running and networking alongside hardcore environmentalists… and solutions and understanding were sprouting.

Envirorun’s first chapter was launched in Washington, DC, and there are now also chapters in Lincoln, Nebraska, and another launching in Eugene, Oregon, in 2017.

“Scientists have more than 95 percent consensus that our climate is warming at an alarming rate. Bringing together people interested in solving these problems is the mission of Envirorun,” shared Carson.

And just like how the idea for Envirorun came to her while running, she credits the ability for runners to engage on a deeper level as one of the reasons Envirorun has been a success. Recent research has shown that long-term exercise like running has a positive impact on the brain and might produce more a-ha moments to benefit the environment.


Over the past four years, Envirorun has held more than 70 events between its DC and Lincoln chapters. It’s helped spread the word about countless organizations, introduced professionals to new job opportunities, and is making a difference. Check them out on Twitter (@envirorun) and Facebook (@envirorun).  Learn more at

Envirorun’s founding organization, Carson+Co Global, is a strategic communications and marketing consultancy for the sustainability sector. Carson+Co is focused on “advancing access to impact” or helping advance environmental cooperation, education, and outreach through their work with clients and partners.