Embrace Your Inner Badass

This may be your first half marathon or you’ve lost count and the number escapes you. It doesn’t matter what your number is, there is always doubt and courage before each race day. That first half marathon is about proving something to yourself. All the ones that follow are fueling a fire that you kindled with the first race. You are strong but that may not be the message you always tell yourself.

Doubt seems to find us somewhere in our journey for personal growth. It’s our mind playing tricks on us, trying to push us back into our comfort zone. If this is you right now, dig deep, you got this! If this isn’t you right now, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. The truth is that without “doubt” we can’t become the best version of ourselves. Courage is born out of doubt and fear. You can not have one without the other. Oddly enough, these two will balance you. The key is to know that they go together, they are the things that will carry you across the finish line.

Let me tell you a little bit more about our journey…

Our Race 

Our tribe started like any great story does, with two friends since childhood. Two women that wanted to build something of their own. What they did not know going in was that they were going to find a tribe, growing their business and circle all at the same time.

In 2016, Abby and Kim started a subscription box company. The box included products they loved, while promoting and supporting small businesses like themselves. Their brand was a reflection of their friendship, projecting the snark and charm, or dare I say smartass and sass, that they loved about each other.

Going into business with your friend is not easy. It comes with doubt and courage—the equation for personal growth. From building boxes with friends and family, to expanding their team of two to a team of eight. Navigating growth and constant change requires aligned values, vulnerability, and communication. Luckily for the S&S team, when you find your tribe, those things are easier to take on together. One team, one fight.

Today, this small tribe, out of small Lincoln, Nebraska, offers a curated subscription box service to provide laughs, cuss words, and self-care in a monthly box. We hand-pick and test the items for each box, providing a warm introduction to other small businesses and their products. 

We all have a story, we all have experienced doubt and courage. The women of S&S may not all be half-marathon runners, but we have ran several marathons. We continuously cross our own finish lines, navigating the balance of doubt and courage.

Your Race

We see you, mastering your doubt and courage—we see you. The dedication and determination it takes to prepare for a race is nothing short of awesomeness. Take a moment, reflect, you’re a badass. You are running your own race and not letting anything stop you.

Not only do we see you, but we support you. The team at Smartass and Sass may be small but we are mighty. The women of Smartass and Sass all have a story we could tell of dedication and determination, about how we worked at mastering our own doubt and courage. While not all of us are runners, we get it.

When race day comes, hold your head high and go be a badass. Cheer on your fellow badass to the right and left of you. On race day, we will be there celebrating your commitment to yourself and to the others around you.

 If you find you want an extra boost each month to give you some laughs, inspiration, snark…look us up. We will always be here for you.

Punch October’s race in the face!