This is a guest blog post written by Susie Patrick, avid runner and owner of Breadsmith of Sioux Falls. You can learn more about Breadsmith here.


Avocado toast. Peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich. Tomato, basil, and garlic bruschetta. What do these delicious meals have in common? Bread. Runners fuel with lean proteins, healthy fats, and yes, carbs. In fact, everyone’s diet should include balance, moderation, and variety.


As an active adult, I start every day with one or two pieces of toast. The toppings vary, including butter or almond butter for pre-workout, avocado and eggs for recovery, and, when I’m super motivated, I top my avocado-laden eggs with arugula and dill in an attempt to recreate my favorite Boston breakfast – Tatte’s avocado tartine! My go-to breakfast toast is Breadsmith’s Marathon Multigrain. My freezer is stocked with one or two loaves at all times in case I forget to take inventory and reserve a loaf on Thursdays. I simply pop the frozen slice in the toaster and it’s good to go.

My lunch is often a slice of bread with a bowl of soup or meal-sized salad depending on the season. A slice of Breadsmith’s 100% Whole Wheat can be dipped in a bowl of hearty vegetable soup and not disintegrate into the broth. The bread soaks up the flavor and can even replace a utensil. 100% Whole Wheat is baked every day so no matter when I stop in Breadsmith, it’s available.

A peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich gives me a mid-afternoon energy boost. A fresh slice of Black Russian or Multigrain Whole Wheat makes this treat heavenly. Another easy snack or appetizer is bruschetta. You’ve seen the recipes – they all start with a baguette. The beauty of a Breadsmith baguette is that it only has four ingredients – water, flour, salt and yeast. Nothing else. And Breadsmith flour isn’t enriched. It’s unbleached and unbromated flour which just means there aren’t any additives or preservatives pumped into it. Top that sliced baguette with whatever you choose. My favorites include goat cheese and figs or tomato and basil and sometimes I just pour the olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the plate, rip into the bread, dip, and enjoy!

There are endless tips and tricks and fad diets out there that we can’t help but read and consider if they are right for us. Truthfully, I’ve tried a few myself, but I always come back to a balance of lean protein, healthy fats, and yes, CARBS! After all, I am the bread lady.

Breadsmith of Sioux Falls’ Baking schedule: 100% Whole Wheat and Baguettes – everyday. Multigrain Whole Wheat – Monday. Black Russian – Wednesday and Friday. Marathon Multigrain – Thursday. In addition to a dozen other varieties baked fresh Monday – Saturday. Find Breadsmith of Sioux Falls’ full menu here.