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Remember the childhood joy of freewheeling through the neighborhood on your bicycle? Bring that feeling back with a grown-up vacation that makes pedaling a priority.

These bike riding trips can get you started no matter what kind of cyclist you are:

If you’re an adventurer…

You don’t mind setting out on your own—with only what you can carry on your bike—and camping out under the stars.

“Bikepacking” trips (like backpacking but on a bicycle instead of on foot) can range from a couple of nights to a months-long cross-country trek. Ready to plot a course? The Adventure Cycling Association’s online maps can help, or pick a bike riding trip from pre-planned routes at And remember to factor in your fitness level: Longer rides can mean at least 20 to 40 miles of cycling a day. Beginners, try an overnight getaway to a camping spot that’s within your cycling comfort zone.

If you’re an urbanite…

You know that the best way to immerse yourself in the vibe and culture of a new city is to explore it on two wheels.

Look for ways to commute around the city. Lots of U.S. metropolises are making that easier—think bike lanes protected by concrete barriers and miles of off-street pathways in cities like Seattle and Minneapolis. Whether you drive or fly into town, make your home base a hotel with easy access to public transportation. Then check out the city’s bike-sharing program; most have kiosks near public transport. Or look for bike riding tour operators who’ll take you for a guided trek or rent you a bike for on-your-own explorations.

If you’re an easy rider…

You’re a world traveler who likes to stay active on vacation—but you also love relaxing in comfy hotels at night and having a local guide show you the sights.

That’s the beauty of a land tour or cruise that focuses on bike riding. Cycling excursions on European river cruises, for example, let you pedal past medieval castles or lush vineyards. On a guided bike tour, your itinerary could take you to the cobbled streets of Charleston, South Carolina, to Italy’s Tuscan coast or beyond. Tip: If you haven’t ridden in a while, take a few spins around the block at home before your first outing with fellow travelers.


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