This story is part two of a ten-part series leading up to the 2019 Sioux Falls Skedaddle. For more information about the race and how to join us on April 28, visit the website here. For more information on 605 Running Company, visit their website here.


At Pink Gorilla, we know exactly how lucky we are to be able to team up with our amazing partners, vendors, racers, and sponsors every race to bring you the latest in running tech, support, and fun! We are especially proud to be partnering with 605 Running Company for the upcoming Sioux Falls Skedaddle!

Since opening in 2014, 605 has been the running authority in Sioux Falls, but they do so much more than know their stuff. They care deeply about their community, and about making running safe and accessible to everyone.

605 are no strangers to incredible events and even launched their own events in 2018, including a summer race series and the 605 Half Marathon last April. The energy was high, the environment was supportive, and the runners knew they were in for an excellent day. They’ve come to expect nothing less from 605, and we were intrigued!

Offering support, adaptive equipment, safety gear, coaching, and even self-defense classes, the team is ready to hear why you don’t love running, and they’re ready to remedy it.

“We wanted running to be for everyone, all ages and abilities. We had to figure out why people were afraid or hesitant to run, and we had to help them overcome it.”

The first step was to acknowledge that the reasons people don’t want to run are absolutely legitimate. 605 had to establish themselves as a team you could confide in, and trust with the answers.

Safety, Security, and Self Esteem

There are a lot of reasons people don’t feel safe or confident while running. Every day you read stories about people falling, being struck, having medical emergencies, or being stalked while running. The less-known stories are the feelings of shame when you are on your first run. When you’re “not a runner”. It’s enough to keep anyone off of the trails. Greg Koch, one of the 5-partner team that comprises 605, took the time to address many of these objections, and how to overcome them.

  • Gear Up!
    “We researched and invested in different lines of reflective gear and visibility aides. You have to be able to see and be seen the entire run in order to be safe. I’m traveling all year, going out and testing new equipment and gear. Being a small business gives us the opportunity to experiment and try out some different brands and different products the big stores aren’t able to take those kinds of risks on. We have a lot more flexibility in what we’re able to carry, which means we are able to offer different solutions to really unique problems.”
  • Class Action
    The shop has hosted self-defense classes and safety talks with local law enforcement, helping runners to identify, avoid, and address any threat that may occur on a run.
  • Don’t Go it Alone
    If a solo run has you intimidated, don’t do it. 605 organizes two weekly group runs not only for the benefit of safety in numbers, but because the people who gravitate toward the shop tend to be warm, welcoming, and high-energy. That energy quickly infects anyone who shows up for a group run, and soon you’ll find yourself dreading anything that keeps you off of the trail. If running isn’t the team sport for you, one on one coaching is available to help you overcome hurdles in a more intimate environment.
  • Adapt
    605 and Pink Gorilla both believe that running is for EVERY body. Pink Gorilla works with runners to ensure the most inclusive challenge possible, while 605 works with runners to provide adaptive gear to counter your challenges! We were impressed and moved at the care the team takes to ensure adaptability for all runners. One on one custom outfitting ensures that all gear is made to fit and to help you get the most out of every run.
  • The Price is Right
    Running isn’t an exclusive club or an elite sport. Koch and his team believe it should be available, attainable, and enjoyable for everyone. That’s why they’ve opted to work with more than two dozen suppliers to ensure that there is always a good spread of high-quality brands to fit any budget, any goal, and any body.

Today Can Be Day One

The team doesn’t hide from the fact that running can be intimidating. Koch himself addresses the feelings of insecurity that can happen when you haven’t run in a while, or ever.

“Coming out of college I had hit 305. I knew I needed to make changes, but I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t want to go to a gym or go to a running trail because I didn’t want people staring or judging. There were very real body image issues, and I felt like if I was judging my body, what were other people thinking or saying. But at some point, we all have to put those fears aside and just build from there.”

“I was never competitive growing up, wasn’t that into sports, and I didn’t think this was the start of me becoming a runner. I just told myself I’d go around the block and see what happened. Then the next day it was around the block twice. And everything I do now kind of started there. I learned that running really meets you wherever you are. Being able to be part of a team that makes that possible for so many people is really powerful. I’m really grateful.”

And Pink Gorilla is grateful to be partnering with the passionate team at 605 Running Company this April for the Sioux Falls Skedaddle! Whether you live in Sioux Falls or are traveling there for the upcoming event, be sure to visit our Skedaddle Partners at 605 Running Company for all of your race day gear!