Cook to temperature and not to time

Sometimes the outdoor temperature and weather and the way the grill heats up on any particular day can cause changes in the typical time or way your meat will cook. That is why it is more important to pay attention to the temperature of your meat instead of how long it has been on the grill.

Certified Piedmontese beef tends to have a slightly faster cooking time because of the leanness of the meat. This is why it might benefit you to invest in an instant-read thermometer, making it easier and more accurate to cook your Certified Piedmontese beef perfectly.

Less can be more when it comes to seasonings.

Season at every step with at least salt and pepper. But be mindful! If you use too much seasoning, you risk overpowering the natural flavor of your Certified Piedmontese beef!

Use the correct technique for your cut

Every cut of meat has a correct way for it to be grilled to come out the best. It is essential to follow those guidelines to get the best possible eating experience. Some of the best resources for that are traditional grilling recipes, the recipes from the brand of grill you use, or off of

Do not press down on your meat

For some, when grilling, it has become a habit to press down on your meat to check it or make it cook faster. This does not help you in the long run. Instead, it only causes your meat to lose a lot of its juice. That makes it drier and less tender, and the taste would not be as expected.

Heat your grill or smoker properly

Like cooking meat indoors, you want to make sure that your grill or smoker is preheated to your desired temperature before putting your meat on. Putting your meat forth before it hits the proper temperature causes it to be cooked unevenly. It may also make it harder to reach the perfect tempera

Patience is a virtue, especially when making your perfect grilled Certified Piedmontese beef!

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