Can you believe we just Hustled for the 10th year in a row?  This year was another flat, fast and in the dark success! From a very enthusiastic Pink Gorilla at the start line, to amazing BRIN completion medals, to a full on after party, this year did not disappoint! 

I’m Linda Brown, one of the Race Directors at Pink Gorilla Events. Like at most events, I was at the Harvest Moon Hustle After Party. Seeing all the runner smiles, hearing race stories, and running into friends after a race, makes all the hard work worth it.

The Pink Gorilla Events vehicles make their appearance in Elmwood on Thursday of race week and stay until late Friday night. Our operations team works 8-10 hours setting up the course, parking lots and barricades on Thursday and 17+ hours on race day with equipment rentals and arrivals, final set up of the after party, start/finish line, course, & water stations, holding the event, tearing it all down, and driving home.

Our extremely details logistics schedule keeps us on track. We have 195 documented tasks race week alone for just this race, with 127 tasks on race day alone. We are juggling Harvest Moon Hustle with the upcoming Market to Market Relay Nebraska and the Good Life Halfsy.  I’m not going to lie, the fall is an extremely busy time at Pink Gorilla Events, but I LOVE my team and our runners and I can’t imagine having it any other way!

Did you know our runners…

  • Ate 330lbs of Pulled Pork
  • Drank 1658 cans of Klarbrun
  • Ran 5,412.6 miles last Friday
  • Tripled the size of Elmwood for 5 hours
  • Earned 695 BRIN Completion Medals

See below for more race content. Until then… I’ll see you at the next race!

Linda Brown