Running is a great activity to do solo or in a group — but you may want to opt for the latter. There are so many benefits of running with others, and you may find that you complete more workouts when you aren’t alone. Humans are social creatures, so it makes sense that you might want to do things with someone else by your side.

Why Do I Feel So Good After Running?


Many people experience a “runner’s high,” not knowing that the rush of energy and happiness is backed by science. This feeling of joy after you run can reduce your stress and make you feel joyful. It’s caused by endorphins or endocannabinoids, which create a homeostasis state between the brain and body.


People may not understand everything about the feelings that result from a good run, but they can surely reap the rewards. Pain relief and less anxiety can add joy to anyone’s life. One of the benefits of running in a group is that you and other people can share these feelings.

5 Benefits of Running in a Group


The benefits of running in a group far surpass those of running alone. Humans need support, you can achieve things you never thought possible when you have other people spurring you on. There’s no reason to avoid joining a group or forming one for yourself. Here are just some of the pros of jogging with your friends.

1. Everyone’s Doing It


When you face something alone, you don’t know if you can make it. When you face something as a group, you suddenly feel a lot stronger because you have others going through the same thing. You’re all tackling this one path together at the same time. You’ll see other people struggle, and you’ll have the opportunity to lift them up just as they will support you.


Because everyone will be running the same amount on the same path, you may find yourself more willing to follow through with the workout.

2. You’re Safer Together


People can be victims of crimes even while exercising. You might seem to be an easy target when you’re alone. Running with other people can lower the chances of you becoming a statistic. Even if you run in an area that isn’t known for problems, you should still take precautions by joining up with others.


Alternatively, your group can be spotted more easily if you like to run at dusk or early in the morning. Drivers will see and avoid you. If it’s dark out and you’re running alone, you must wear reflective clothes and take measures to ensure you’re seen. In a group, you know that people will notice you’re there.

3. You Have a Common Goal


If you were on your own, you might decide you could take a few days off from pursuing your goal. However, running with other people means you all might be working toward the same thing. Depending on your group size, you’re bound to know someone with the same objective as you. Whether it’s to get fit, increase your stamina or train for a marathon, you’ll have someone chugging along with you. You can help each other along the way while strengthening yourselves.

4. You Can Socialize


You may not have much time to talk on your runs, but you can still socialize with other group members. This time could be extremely useful for people who stay home all day, whether working remotely or taking care of the house or dependents. Getting enough socialization is crucial to fighting off depression and having better physical health.


You’ll also have people there to keep you accountable. You can rely on group members to keep you close to your goal. If you notice someone isn’t running that day, you can give them a call to see how they’re feeling. They may be under the weather or shouldering too much and would appreciate someone checking in on them, just as you likely would.

5. You Work Together


People running as a pack will often slow down and help those who have fallen behind. If you’re new to running, you can trust the rest of the group to keep you informed every step of the way. They could teach you how to avoid a running injury that could leave you with chronic pain or tell you about the best protein-rich snacks to eat after you return home from your workout. Everyone works together for the betterment of the group.

Run Together for Better Workouts


The benefits of running in a group far outweigh going it alone. You won’t feel as lonely, and you may be more motivated to achieve your goal if others can back you up. Running with others is more fun because you can make new friends and bond with like-minded people. You’re all striving for similar goals, so it makes sense to enjoy your journey with others. It’ll make your experience all the richer.