This story is part eight of a ten-part series leading up to the 2019 Sioux Falls Skedaddle. For more information about the race and how to join us on April 28, visit the website here.


It’s easy to see the thousands of runners who flock to Pink Gorilla events as just that. Runners. We see so much more in our athletes than the finish lines they cross. That’s part of why we work so hard to learn so many of your stories. To remind us that you are sisters, fathers, friends, and people with multi-faceted lives and passions.

We love the chance to share your stories through blogs and highlights, and we strive to bring our athletes more than miles they cover to take with them from this journey. We work hard to create an experience, memories, and tokens for every one of our runners to take with them for life. For the Sioux Falls Skedaddle, 605 Running Company is helping us reach more than your competitive spirit. The Sioux Falls Stroll was created with our runners, their cheerleaders, and the whole family in mind!

Greg Koch of 605 Running Company explained:

“So many of the runners are bringing their whole cheering squad and their families with them. And their friends and family are really coming just to cheer for them, but we wanted to do something that would help honor them, while letting them see just how much Sioux Falls has to offer.”

This something-for-everyone stroll will include opportunities to get to know Downtown Sioux Falls through discounts, samples, freebies, and coupons to many of the area’s rich and unique shops and boutiques.

Take a look at a few of the incredible organizations offering specials to Skedaddlers:


Coffea Roasterie

Fuel up with Coffea Roasterie, who believes your coffee should be as strong as your community! Learn what grind, what water, and what method works best for your morning Joe! In addition to promoting others in their community and boosting signals for other organizations making a difference in Sioux Falls, Coffea sources ethically and sustainably, ensuring that every cup energizes not only its drinker, but anyone who had a hand in making it.


Backyard Grill

Looking for a way to feed the hunger after you’ve crossed the finish line? Nothing hits the spot like 12-hour hickory, cherry and apple wood smoked meats! If you close your eyes right now, you can probably already feel the sticky sweet sauce on your fingertips! That’s not sauce on your lips, though. You’re just drooling thinking of sinking your teeth into a rack of St Louis style ribs. You don’t have to wait until race day, you realize. You can go grab a rack right now. Go ahead, we’ll wait…


Chelsea’s Boutique

It’s easy to write of fashion as something we don’t have a knack for, or as a luxury for those with more time, money, or with an easier-to-dress body type. Chelsea opened the doors to her unique boutique specifically to empower women, and to give them one more language with which to communicate.

High-Impact pieces you don’t have to overthink, and classic items to fit any wardrobe. Take a Do-It-Yourself approach to fashion by touring the site’s “shop by body shape” feature, or get unbiased input from a stylist who understands proportions and can take the guesswork out of looking your best!  

And Chelsea doesn’t stop at making women look and feel beautiful. The shop’s #ThisIsOurWhy program gives clients the opportunity to highlight a local charity by making a donation, and in turn receive a Chelsea’s gift card matching their donation amount. When the community flourishes, we all flourish!

Chelsea is welcoming racers by offering 30% off one item when you purchase one at ticket price!


Escape 605

Got an axe to grind? Maybe just chuck it and call it a day. Escape 605 Axe Throwing Experience is a primal event aimed to feed your animal instinct, unleash your inner athlete, and just be a lot of fun!  The event is safe, exciting, and they serve pizza. Frankly, I’m not sure why you’re not there right now…


Child’s Play Toys

Are your sweethearts starting to squirm? As exciting as race bibs, coffee, and a walk through beautiful downtown Sioux Falls can be for us, race weekend is a lot for little ones. Skedaddle over to Child’s Play Toys and let those littles run the show for a while! From the silly to the stimulating, there are toys and tools for children in every age group.


The Great Outdoor Store

Whether you’re presenting in a board room or boarding on a wake, wearing the right clothes can make or break any big day. The Great Outdoor Store ensures that you are outfitted for adventure in your favorite brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Prana, and more! During the Downtown Stroll, racers are welcomed to take 20% off the item of their choice! Present your bib for your discount at the register.


Sharing the Dream

Maya artisan handcrafted jewelry, baskets, gifts, and other one of a kind certified fair-trade items you won’t find anywhere but Sharing the Dream Marketplace. Find beautiful, hand-painted ceramics, practical tools for the kitchen and bathroom, or unique conversation pieces that not only make a statement about your home, but further the cause of Sharing the Dream. Creating fair opportunities for Guatemalan families, ending the cycle of poverty and hunger, and creating timeless traditions, from one family to yours.


Luca Italian Handbags

100% Italian leather, these handbags, belts, and accessories are created using sustainable and responsible methods, without sacrificing a stitch of quality. Shop Tuscan leather, vintage atelier, and intricately designed cuffs and bracelets online or in-store.  


Rehfeld’s Art and Framing

For more than 30 years, Rehfeld’s has supported and promoted local artists, created custom framing solutions for unique pieces, and worked to add to the cultural richness of Sioux Falls. In addition to many deals they will make for Skedaddle runners the day of packet pickup, there will also be a 15% discount on locally made greeting card packs. Send the best of Sioux Falls, and for Saturday only, do it for less!


Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen

This isn’t your kid’s PB&J. Owners Barry Putzke and Jordan Taylor know that it takes more than slapping something on bread to make an excellent sandwich. The delicious is in the details, and every menu item is elevated to its peak with creative and thoughtful touches. From a Lamb Philly with Goat Cheese-Whiz to a Schnitzelwich with horseradish and Poppyseed slaw, this mostly farm-to-fork fare is the best thing to happen to sandwiches since, well, sliced bread.


Woodgrain Brewing Co

Nothing hits the post-race spot like a frosty Woodgrain Beer, and you can have yours for $1 off Saturday and Sunday with your race bib!


Half Baked Cupcakes

With more than 60 flavors of scratch-baked cupcakes, you’d think Half-Baked had enough on their plate! Instead, they expand their offerings with a wide variety of baked goods and delicious coffees to go with them. Coffee not your cup of tea? Not a problem! Half Baked offers local and organic black, green, and herbal Anahata teas to stimulate, soothe, and suit any body.


Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Gifts

For 22 years, Dick and Sandy Murphy have owned and operated Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Gifts. The unique Irish imports of food, jewelry, clothing, and oddities are sold with the free gift of a chat about where they came from and how they came to be. Be sure to stop in after packet pickup on Saturday, as the Murphy’s won’t be open on Sunday!


Zandbroz Variety

You don’t visit Zandbroz to purchase something specific. You shop at Zandbroz when you have a hard-to-shop for friend in need of a one-of-a-kind gift. When you’re looking to be inspired, to create, or to be spontaneous. Spontaneous Skedaddlers are invited to explore the store and save 15% during the stroll!



Formerly the YWCA, the mission of EmBe is to Empower Women to Be. Believing that empowered women make better mothers, wives, friends, employees, and simply live better lives meant that there had to be a place for women to safely explore their strengths and acknowledge where they need to grow. EmBe became a haven for women and families to create richer, healthier lives, together!

Find resources, education opportunities, and strengthen yourself inside and out!

Whether you’re a Sioux Falls local, or if you’re traveling to town for the Skedaddle, Pink Gorilla and 605 Running Company are excited to show you an incredible weekend! Thank you to all of the Sioux Falls businesses taking part in our stroll, and thank you to the runners for trusting us with your weekend!