This story is part six of a ten-part series leading up to the 2019 Sioux Falls Skedaddle. For more information about the race and how to join us on April 28, visit the website here.


Pink Gorilla events are never about one day, one run, or one person. They’re about giving people a finish line, and a reason to keep pushing even after the line is crossed.

This year’s inaugural Sioux Falls Skedaddle will be home to the same spirit and fun you’ve come to expect from Pink Gorilla Events, with a few new surprises that ensure the fun keeps going long after the race ends!

One of the many moments our runners can look forward to is one that is sure to keep you hungry for more… More race events, that is. You’ll be stuffed before you head home from our Post-Race Brunch!

This year’s after party will include award-winning coffee from Coffea Roasterie, fresh fruit, locally sourced breakfast sandwiches from Breadsmith bread, and muffins provided by our friends at The Cookie Jar Eatery! Gatorade, chocolate milk, and an adult beverage for our 21 and over guests, and Lemon Blueberry Bars or Churro Cheesecake Bars from Chef Dominique’s will ensure a satisfying finish to a sweet day. Learn more about the wonderful local businesses we’re working with below.


Coffea Roasterie believes your coffee should be as strong as your community, and they have the energy to walk the walk! From educating their customers about using the right grind for each application to explaining how to get the most out of the water you’re using, they make coffee anything but a drip. In addition to promoting others in their community and boosting signals for other organizations making a difference in Sioux Falls, Coffea sources ethically and sustainably, ensuring that every cup energizes not only its drinker, but anyone who had a hand in making it. Check out their blog to learn more about their coffee and their causes!

From weddings to holidays, corporate events to conventions, when Sioux Falls celebrates, they do it with Chef Dominique’s. The catering company is serving up special occasions and plating perfection in Downtown Sioux Falls, and they’re ready to tackle any event you need help coordinating! Find out how they’re making Sioux Falls more delicious here.

Winners of Sioux Falls’ “Best Bread” award, Breadsmith always gets a rise out of South Dakota! With a world tour of flavors, there’s a slice to suit every sandwich, a muffin for every mouth, and buns for everyone!

Located at 230 S Phillips Ave, we’ve all found our hands in The Cookie Jar! Family owned for 17 years, these scratch-made sweets and eats all have the same main ingredients; Patience, love, and the desire to serve a community like their own family.


We are so grateful to be partnering with these incredible local businesses to bring Sioux Falls a race day they will never forget! We’ll see you at Skedaddle on April 28th!