This is a guest post written by Dave Dwinell, VP of Marketing at People’s City Mission. You can learn more about People’s City Mission and donate here.


Getting up at the crack of dawn, stretching out, getting focused… How do they do it every year?  The Good Life Halfsy put together by Pink Gorilla Events is one of our favorite times of year!

For the last five years, the Lincoln running community has shown its generosity to one of the cities longest running charitable organizations. The Good Life Halfsy is more than just a race, it’s a chance to come together for fun, push your personal limits, and do some good for others.

The People’s City Mission wants to thank not only those who ran, but those who volunteer, and those who help us year round. Without the support of sponsors like Pink Gorilla Events and runners like you, our task is like running uphill all day with 40 mph winds in your face!

Congratulations to all who finished, and remember at the Mission Pastor Tom and the crew lace up and run the marathon of trying to do the most we can for folks who can’t. As always when you “Give a little, you change a lot!” Donate anytime at