Leprechaun Chase 10K Omaha | Saint Patrick’s Day Run Advise

Leprechaun Chase 10K Omaha | Saint Patrick’s Day Run Advise

This is part fifth and final post of a five series where I decided to dig a little deeper into what really makes this race special and one of Nebraska favorite races annually and why Runner’s World named it one of the eight “Stellar St. Patrick’s Day Runs

Learn From the Lads & Lasses Themselves

I asked a few past runners to share why the run the Leprechaun Chase 10K Omaha.

“I think LC10k has one of the prettiest local 10k courses. My favorite part is in the second half of the race. This race also has a fun atmosphere! From the beer at the end to the spectators along the course, you can’t help but smile while you’re running. Besides when you’re going up the hills, maybe. My advice would be don’t take yourself too seriously, during any race! Accomplishing PR’s are great, but it’s more important to enjoy the moment and have fun.”

-Camila R.

Camila R. | Bib 1956

“My favorite part of the race is the overall elevation profile. Mostly downhill the last 2 miles. My 10k PR is at this course. I like the chase format and how you can’t find find another race like it. Also, the nerd in me can’t pass up the SR-71 inside the museum. The Leprechaun Chase is a well oiled machine.”

-Derek S

Derek S. near mile 5.75

“My favorite part of the race is going over the bridges because it’s very unique to have multiple wood bridges in a race that competitive and well-known. There is one bridge that I get to and know its about to get real tough for a bit, but the fun of flying over the bridge makes me forget it for those few seconds. The atmosphere pre-run, and post-run is the best I have been around. The Pink Gorilla Events races are known for the post-race gathering, where no one wants to leave. It’s fun to be apart of. My advice would be to embrace the short-shorts and the “Run Forest Run” comments. Other people’s opinions don’t matter. All you can do is control yourself, so work hard and never give up.”

-Michael R.

Michael crossing the finish line first for lads, a few seconds behind the leading lass.

Good luck and make sure you pinch anyone not wearing green,


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