This is part three of a five series where I decided to dig a little deeper into what really makes this race special and one of Nebraska favorite races annually and why Runner’s World named it one of the eight “Stellar St. Patrick’s Day Runs

Spectators Get a Front Row Seat

This spectator friendly course allows for friends and family to see their runner go by multiple times, without moving!

A spectator guide is provided courtesy of the race directors. There are two spectator parking zones and a spectator watching zone located inside the park. Outside of the park, the museum parking lot is another great location to watch for your runner. At this spot you can see runners at the first and last miles of the race and have easy access into the building. This spot allows you to see your runner three times!

In addition to easy spectating, fans can enter the SAC Museum for free after 4:30 pm. This allows fans to share a pint with their runners & see some historic planes inside the museum.

Other Resources for Fans

These are some of  many reasons why Runner’s World Magazine picked this race as a top spectator course in the nation.

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