This story is the third part in a four-part series about our Halfsy Hero Korey Donahoo. Our series will follow Korey and three other heroes as they train for the 2017 Good Life Halfsy.


“I can’t decide if it’s more awkward to pass people on the trail, or to be passed.” Korey Donahoo quips. While the weather has put a damper on his training, it certainly hasn’t rained on his spirit or his sense of humor.

A bigger blow to his enthusiasm was the US soccer team’s failure to qualify for the World Cup.

“We now have 600 days without a competitive game. The challenge now is keeping everyone engaged.”

In the meantime, Korey is getting his fix by working to organize a soccer team with a few of the American Outlaws.

“It’s a different kind of workout, it’s harder, but with a more immediate goal. Chasing the ball, stopping and turning. It’s not like jogging at all. It’s not the same as running.”

And running hasn’t gotten easier with his training.

“I’m still not going as far as I want, and not as fast. I have my last long run this week, and then it’s just about staying in shape. Staying ready. I’m hoping to finish with a 10-minute mile. Really, I just want to finish. If I can get up that last hill, I’ll be happy.”

While he may not feel like a natural, Korey has taken to running culture quite well.

“I used to make fun of people who talked about running. I’d walk away if a conversation turned to running. Now I want to talk to everyone about it. I don’t hate it anymore. I don’t think I’ll be competitive, but I’m not going to walk. Well. Maybe I’ll walk a little. But I’m crossing the finish line.”

On October 29, Korey is going to finish what he started months ago. Will you be in the crowd to cheer him on?

Check back for more Halfsy Hero stories, and to read the last installment of Korey’s story.