This story is the third part in a four-part series about our Halfsy Hero Jenn Schroeder. Our series will follow Jenn and three other heroes as they train for the 2018 Good Life Halfsy.


“There has been a lot of adjusting at work lately. It’s good, but it’s definitely cost me some of my gym time.” Jenn Schroeder is pretty good at rolling with the punches and adapting her life to changes. After all, these changes aren’t momentary setbacks or pauses in her real life, they are life.

She knows that the real answer is strength and adaptability. Whether that means adjusting her workouts to accommodate her life or adjusting her playlist to accommodate her workout, flexibility matters.

“My playlist… I listen to the rainbow! If I’m in a bad mood, I listen to a lot of rock chick, really powerful women. If I’m feeling kind of chill or if I want to feel kind of low key, I’ll put on some rap. I even have some dubstep for when I’m jumping rope. The music kind of sets the tone for what I’m going to do, so I use that.”

“My job is a lot more physical now, and the schedule is very different. It used to be pretty inconsistent, and now I’m on a much more rigid schedule. It’s good and bad. I’m at work by 6 am and I finish at 2. On the weekends, I’ve been doing craft fairs with my mom. She crochets, my aunt paints, and I make jewelry. I do a lot with suede, and I make these diffuser necklaces. We all set up our booths together, so we’re all doing our own thing, but together.”

Even with less time on the table, Jenn hasn’t put her workouts on the back burner. “My job kind of covers what I need for workouts physically, but I need that break for my sanity. I need my workout. I’ve never been a tv person. If the tv is on, I’m not really looking at it or watching. My mind races when the television is on. I needed something else. Lifting is good for my body, but I need it for my mental health.”

And while she’s spending less time at the gym, she spends her time there wisely. Focusing on functional strength means that even every day activities help bring her closer to her goals. She doesn’t work out for the esthetic, she does it for the strength. She does it to have the power to handle whatever life throws at her.

Jenn still doesn’t consider herself a runner, and some days, she doesn’t want to do her miles. When she crosses the finish line at this year’s Good Life Halfsy, it won’t be the last step that made the difference. Every step mattered, and every run brought her closer, but it was taking the first step that brought her here. We can’t wait to cheer her on!

Check back for Halfsy Heroes, and to read the last installment of Jenn’s story!