This story is the second part in a four-part series about our Halfsy Hero Christina Liekhus. Our series will follow Christina and three other heroes as they train for the 2018 Good Life Halfsy.


Christina Liekhus woke up the day after her birthday feeling stiff, sore, and just tired. It’s not her age that has her aching. She celebrated her 37th trip around the sun by running a half marathon last weekend.

“I notice a burning in my back, and my legs are really sore. I always get really emotional when the symptoms of a relapse start to show up, and I always notice the symptoms stronger post-race. But today. Honestly, I’m really optimistic about my MS. That wasn’t always true. Even now, some days I don’t feel the greatest, but I just push through.”

And Christina pushed through more than a half marathon this weekend. When it was over, she took her family to Vala’s.

“It was just a great day. It was so nice out!”

Christina never settles for just pushing her limits, she simply lives beyond the idea of them. When you don’t know when the next flare-up will hit, you pack as much into every day, every run, and every hug as you can.

Her schedule is full, from coaching her daughter’s volleyball team to work, keeping up with her family and preparing for the upcoming Market to Market Relay Nebraska, she wouldn’t dream of taking more than a day off of training.

And while there are days that the stress starts to amplify her symptoms, her support group is never far behind, amplifying her efforts.

“As I got to the finish line, I looked up and saw balloons. Then the tears started. Seeing people there, supporting me, it definitely got to me. They surprised me. I can’t even say what it meant to me!”

When people show up to support you without being asked, it’s because you mean something to them. When people celebrate your life, it’s because they’re glad you’re here. If people read your story, it’s because you inspire them. We are so grateful to be able to follow Christina as she prepares for this event, and for every day of the future she builds.

Check back for more Halfsy Heroes, and for the next installment of Christina’s story.