Twas the night before Cornfield Cornfield when all through the ballpark

Ben, Jason and Linda were scurring to set up the race

The banners were hung on the fences with care

In hopes that 1650 runners soon would be there

The runners were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of sweet corn and watermelon danced in their heads.

Jason on his scooter and Ben on his bike

Had just headed out to recheck the run path

When out to the parking lot arose such a clatter

I sprang from my Penske to see what was the matter

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But an F150 and 8 pink gorillas from the race crew

With a super tall driver so lively and quick

Well I knew in a moment it must be the Roofer for the Stars!

He whistled and shouted and called them by name

“On Jen, On Dylan, On Colton, and Megan, On Mandi, On Todd, On TJ and Chelsea”

From the fence at the start to the finish by left field wall

Now dash away, set up, tents, tables and all!”

They spoke a few words and hustled to work

In the hours of moonlight, this didn’t feel like work

The runners arrived full of energy and spunk

And they had no idea who unloaded the trucks.

The race started promptly at 7 o’clock

With 65 degrees and no head wind to block

The finish line and after party were full of fun

With food, friends, and games that just started with the sun.

High fives and PRs were the highlight of the day

No one wanted to leave, they all wanted to stay

Things came to a close and it was time to tear down

So much fun was in this great town!


The Cornfield Cornfield 10K is just about as Nebraska as it gets.  From sweet corn and watermelon, to beer and lemonade, and the start and finish lines at a ballpark, we capture the essence of our state.  The course starts at Werner Park, runs around Prairie Queen Lake and ends back in left field at the ball park. This year, Cornfield Cornfield fell on National Corn On the Cob Day.  You can’t get anymore Nebraska than that. 

I’m usually pretty easy to spot on race day, as you will find me orchestrating pre-race and post-race activities, talking to runners, sponsors, and vendors. In addition to being the Cornfield Cornfield Race Director for the 4th year, I am also the Sponsorship Director for Pink Gorilla Events.  I love working with people, building relationships, and creating big experiences for runners, sponsors, volunteers, vendors & spectators.  This is one of the races that I get to be at the start line and it’s so much fun.  Runners are pumped up, excited for the race to start and I can feel the energy. When the start line is clear, I make sure the post-race festivities are ready for runners and make my way to the finish line.  I pop back and forth between the finish line, food tent, expo, and PGE tents making sure everyone has everything they need.  This one of a kind 10K is part of the BRIN Running Series.  If you haven’t already, mark your calendar to join me on June 10, 2023 for Cornfield Cornfield!