Team RWB Cinci knows that their team is bigger than the 7-person matrix who crossed the line at this year’s Market to Market Relay. Red White and Blue Cincinnati is just one branch of RWB, whose mission is to reintegrate vets into civilian life.

“Even if you weren’t in a combat zone, there’s a level of grief involved in leaving military life. You’re leaving people you were prepared to die for. Vets are predisposed to isolation, depression, and PTSD.”  Sean Callahan isn’t just a compassionate heart, but a retired vet himself.

“RWB are teams of civilians and vets, just cheering one another on and giving each other reasons to get out, socialize, and move. We run, bike, kayak, canoe. Whatever we can. And no matter where you are, we want there to be an RWB team for you to join. People you can reach out to.”

This was Sean’s first relay race, and while it came with a few unexpected obstacles, it came with zero regrets.

“We had a few surprises, for sure! Our team lead, Ashley. She’s really the heart of this team, she had a last-minute emergency that kept her from actually running the race. Jenny got hurt and we had to fill her spot. Then at the last minute, we decided we would run with an American flag as well as the baton. This wasn’t something we had trained for, and it’s funny how much that can change your run.”

The run may have been a bit more challenging, but when you’re running with purpose, you’re running strong.

“There was another RWB team from Columbus, we noticed them right away. You don’t mean to, but I think it’s human nature to create a competition with someone. We were pretty back and forth with them until the last leg, and it just happened to be our fastest guy. He passed the Columbus team pretty quickly, but then at the end, the nature of what we do just kind of took over. We went back for the Columbus team. We had to cross the line together.”

RWB is more than a team. They’re a family, and nobody runs alone.