Silk. Sweat. Heavy breathing. The Ladies of the Evening know what they like… they like to move their bodies.

For the last 20 years, the team has been running together. For the last 10, they’ve been doing it in negligees and feather boas at Market to Market Nebraska.

“Honestly, this was the best year yet. Pink Gorilla always does really great events, it’s always well organized, but this year was the best!”

Megan Berry Barlow is no stranger to these events, and she and her Ladies have never missed a Market to Market. The team insists on involving themselves in the local running community events and respects the work that goes into them.

“These require so many volunteers, there is so much to it – but Market to Market is so well thought out. They care about every detail. You can see the changes each year, and as small as they may seem, they really impact the energy and the enjoyment. Last year, there was a point where you stood waiting for your runner, and you’re facing the highway while you wait. We didn’t think too much of it. This year, they modified the course ever so slightly, so now on the same handoff, you’re facing the river while you wait. It seems like such a small detail, but they think of it. Even while you’re just waiting, they want you to enjoy it.”

Several members of the team are involved in a group called “Step into Running”, which reintroduces people to running after injuries or long absences.

The ladies themselves come in all speeds and abilities, and range in age from 48 to 74. They know that the best way to stay motivated is to surround yourself with strong, driven, like-minded people.

“In and above their ability to race, they’re just an incredible group of women!”

We agree with you, Megan. Completely.