Ben Cohoon

Vision & Finance

It was Ben’s vision that created our first events and set the company in motion. Today, he continues to find new opportunities for Pink Gorilla Events and keeps the finances in check. When he’s not training for his next race, you’ll likely find Ben at home with his wife and daughter.

Jason Bakewell


Jason is the glue that holds the team together and the steady hands that steer the ship. His passion for details and planning make sure our events run like clockwork. He and his wife are avid travelers, but they hate to leave home without their two huskies.

Jared Bakewell


Making sure our events are full and beautifully branded is Jared’s forte. Entrepreneurial necessity has built him into a jack of all trades from graphic design to video production. At night you’ll either find him at home with his wife and daughter, playing in his indie dance rock band, or nerding out over a board game design.

Linda Brown


Pink Gorilla Events makes a lot of promises and Linda makes sure we fulfill every one of them. Whether it’s for a sponsor or a participant, she excels at making sure everything gets planned, placed, and stuffed. She’s the mother of two boys and her husband is a big contributor to our websites.

Matt McBride

Race Directing

Winning the award for living the furthest distance from the Pink Gorilla Events HQ, Matt race directs both Market to Market Relays and gobbles up special projects for breakfast. He and his wife love the outdoors and Matt’s an aspiring wood worker.

Sydney Chapp


If it needs to look amazing, it’s on Sydney’s to-do list. She knocks out design projects from social media graphics to race guides on the daily. A craft beer aficionado, you’ll probably find her and her husband sipping an IPA at a local brewery from time-to-time.

Maddie Haden

Customer and Warehouse Services

Know a girl who can handle a tricky customer service issue at the same time she’s packing a truck? That’s Maddie. She answers our customer service inquiries and makes sure the warehouse is super organized. You’ll also find her outfitting runners with fresh kicks and hanging out with her husband when she’s finished dominating at Pink Gorilla for the day.

Julie Groeteke

Community Relations

Julie is helping us grow our community footprint in Iowa and you’ll also see all over the after party and more, pitching in on event day. A mother of three, her and her husband are also the reigning bowling champions of the Pink Gorilla Events holiday party.