Leprechaun Chase 10K

Last Updated 2/27/2023.
Due to recent snowfall and rainfall runners with bib numbers 2050 and higher have been assigned to the Ballfields at Ashland-Greenwood Elementary. Read race guide for more details

If you are assigned to Mahoney State Park please follow volunteers and signs to your parking spot. IF we are unable to use a portion or all of the grass field we typically park in due to the recent moisture you will be instructed to park in a paved lot and buses will be circling to pickup and drop-off runners.

As always please consider carpooling.


2023 Leprechaun Chase 10K Parking

wdt_ID Bib First Name Last Name Full Name Parking
1 101 Ben Cohoon Ben Cohoon Virtual 10K
2 102 Linda Brown Linda Brown Virtual 10K
3 103 Patrick Murray Patrick Murray SAC Parking Lot
4 104 Chelsea Hansen Chelsea Hansen Virtual 10K
5 105 Amanda Minckler Amanda Minckler SAC Parking Lot
6 106 Matthew Menard Matthew Menard SAC Parking Lot
7 107 Kathy Nellor Kathy Nellor SAC Parking Lot
8 108 Caroline Kahnk Caroline Kahnk SAC Parking Lot
9 109 Amber Fader Amber Fader SAC Parking Lot
10 110 Aaron May Aaron May SAC Parking Lot
Bib First Name Last Name Full Name Parking