I am sure you are excited for the October 3rd, 2020 Market to Market Relay Nebraska presented by OrthoNebraska. We have been busy planning for an in-person event. In the past 10 days the State of Nebraska provided an outline of rules and procedures for events starting back up again. This is great news! We are at the front of the line or have already had meetings with the cities, counties, townships, and private properties we work with to produce the event. Just like you, we do not know what October 3rd will look like regarding COVID-19, so we want to be as transparent with you as possible. 

We are currently working on three versions of the event.

1)     The Standard Event: In-person racing with no restrictions.

2)     Socially Distant In-Person Event: In-person racing with social distance rules in place.

3)     Virtual Event: Virtual racing only is required by law.

If I Was a Betting Man…

You may be wondering what the 2020 event will look like. If I was a betting man, I think the regulations will have us running a Socially Distant event on October 3rd, 2020. We have been in the process of finalizing what our plans of what that event would look like. We are confident that by making a few adjustments to the event we can have an event that is awesome, fun, and memorable. These event modifications focus on social distancing and reducing vehicle density at exchange points.

We are also considering offering a Virtual Event for any team that does not feel comfortable with our in-person event option.

Your Current Options

  1. Run the In-Person Relay. (Whatever version it is, I can promise you it will be full of memories, running, and fun.) 
     Your next step is get your teammates on your roster. Preliminary rosters are due June 26.  Manage Your Team 
  2. Defer/Transfer Your Team’s Registration to the 2021 race for $100.  As outlined in the Rule Book teams can transfer to next year’s race for $100 if they do it 60 Days prior to Race Day. This deadline is 11:59pm on August 3rd, 2020. If you’d like to start this process, log into Manage Your Team and navigate to RunSignUp / Profile / Manage Registration / Defer Registration. Please watch this video for instructions.

Pink Gorilla Events is moving as fast as we can on this. But as we have learned several times this year, sometimes the tortoise wins the race. I can promise you that we will have a plan, share that plan with you, and that our #1 goal is to have a safe in-person race option.


Until then… I think the photo at the top is very fitting. Hang Loose.


Ben Cohoon, Market to Market Relay Nebraska Race Director






BLOG UPDATE:  Since the time of the original blog the State of Nebraska continues to loosen restrictions. In an article from the Lincoln Journal Star Gov. Pete Ricketts announced further loosening restrictions effective June 22.  

” For outdoor venues, attendance can go to 75% of capacity, also with a cap of 10,000 people.

When the move is made to Phase 4, proposed guidelines will allow for 75% capacity for indoor events with no cap on outdoor events other than maintaining 6 feet of distance between groups.”   Read More Here