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Good Life Halfsy – October 28, 2018

Look up your bib number and preferred parking area below. Parking will be very limited please follow the directions provided for your preferred parking area at packet pickup and in the race guide

2018 Good life Halfsy

wdt_ID Name Bib Number City, State
1 Amy Barry 1 Gretna, NE
2 Anna Dilley 2 Lincoln, NE
3 Ashlyn Glann 3 Omaha, NE
4 Benson Langat 4 Sioux Falls, SD
5 Brandon White 5 Louisville, CO
6 Cassandra Krings 6 Humphrey, NE
7 Cameron Bogue 7 Kansas City, MO
8 Carmen Peterson 8 Sioux Falls, SD
9 Carrie Schumacher 9 Sioux Falls, SD
10 Erin Artz 10 OMAHA, NE